Your Internet Service Provider selling your data? Nah..Yes.. What?


The main reasons why you might want to change your Domain Name System (DNS) server away from your current Internet Service Providers (ISP) is two fold. One for security and second for speed. You see when you use any ISP and you make a request online, you use that that digital phone book to look up a website. Your ISP DNS servers respond to that request. All of those requests get logged. Now they got you and they can do anything they want with that data Which means any ISP you are using can take that data and sell it for marketing. They can use it to target you as well. Another worse case scenario is any ISP can throttle your internet depending on the site you’re accessing. So setting up a DNS servers a great first step to getting around those things. If you’re wanting Total Protection on the internet and you’re wanting to make sure that nobody can see who you are talking to, you need to add additional services. Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN)!, Using Cloudflare DNS Server with a VPN guaranteed you 100% online invisibility.

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Reasons to Use Cloudflare Now!

1. 1. 1. 1 is now the number one fastest DNS server . As you can see from the chart above Google doesn’t even make this list in the top 10.
At least in the world location last 30 days. Given that they just launched there isn’t a heck of a lot of traffic or usage on their system so I’d be curious to see where they stand in about 6 months. But for now they’re super fast. Security is another issue with traditional DNS servers DNS standards were built like 35 years ago and it wasn’t designed with security or privacy in mind. Cloudflare is trying to push into the future with this new DNS service at lunch and they are supporting both DNS over Transport Layer Security (TLS) and DNS over https open standards. Now neither of these Open Standards are widely used yet but we should see more adoption coming in the years to come. One more pretty big advantage to using one Safari one more pretty big advantage to using 1. 1. 1. 1 since that Cloudflare DNS resolver is integrated with cloudflare Services there’s no DNS time to live expiration for cloudflare enabled websites.

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Written by Temitope Fagborun

A self-motivated, confident and competent IT professional with commendable interpersonal skills.