Don’t Wear Down Connectors

Doesn’t it amaze you sometimes how so many things these days are covered in gold? Gold is an ounce right now, but there’s gold on even the cheapest USB connectors—take a look at the connectors on your desk right now if you don’t believe me.

How is that possible? Simple, the gold on those connectors is only 1,000th of a centimeter thick. It’s 100 times thinner than a human hair. (It’s also not pure gold.)

The problem with something that thin is that its easy to wear away. Every time you insert or remove a cord or device, a little bit of that gold plating gets worn off. Tight connections wear down faster than lose connections. All of this means that the more frequently you plug in your devices, the sooner they will stop working.

If possible, avoid unnecessary plugging in and unplugging of your devices. It’s a computer hardware maintenance tip that will protect your parts’ tips.

Written by Temitope Fagborun

A self-motivated, confident and competent IT professional with commendable interpersonal skills.