Unplug During Storms

Unplug During Storms

Did you know that before radio was invented, some people used to send wireless messages by creating giant sparks? If you create a giant spark, which scientists call an electromagnetic pulse, it makes conductive metal spark in other places up to several miles away.

The problem with electromagnetic pulses is that long wires—like the wires in your house—can catch a lot of energy, creating a really big spark, and the surge of electricity from that spark can easily fry your computer.

The good news is that it’s illegal, for just that reason, to create electromagnetic pulses in most places. The bad news is that nature has her own electromagnetic pulse generator—lightning. A lightning bolt doesn’t need to hit your house to create a power surge—it doesn’t even need to be close.

Unplugging your computer from the wall is the best way to help prevent a lighting strike from destroying your computer.

Written by Temitope Fagborun

A self-motivated, confident and competent IT professional with commendable interpersonal skills.