10 Tips and Tricks for computer hardware maintenance

If you don’t have money in the budget this year to buy a new computer, then it’s important you learn how to keep your current computer in top shape using our 10 tips and tricks for computer hardware maintenance. We always seem to mention computer maintenance but never maintenance on the computer hardware. We even have an entire computer maintenance checklist but computer hardware maintenance is only mentioned briefly.

Tips and Tricks for computer hardware maintenance


Computer Hardware Maintenance Tips

Computer Tips #1: Clear Vents

Hot computers die quickly. You probably know from elementary school science class that most materials expand when they get hot. There are various ways to stop a computer from overheating. Computers are built to exacting measurements—your computer processor has parts that are measured in nanometers and other parts of the computer just as precisely built, so when your computer gets too hot, and things expand too much, your computer is likely to die.

The part of your computer that usually dies first is your hard drive. Inside your hard drive are tiny ball bearings that rotate thousands of times a minute in tiny tracks. When they expand from heat, they rub against their tracks and quickly wear down. Once a disk drive ball bearing wears down, there’s no replacing it—your disk drive is toast. You should also watch for dust build up in your power supply.

The easiest way to keep your computer cool is to make sure its vents are clear. First, check to see if anything is obstructing the vents—too often I find computers that are pushed all the ways back against a wall so that their vents are blocked. Second, check the vents for dust and clean them if necessary. Computer vents are usually large, so you only need to check for dust every year or two (more often if you smoke near your computer).

Written by Temitope Fagborun

A self-motivated, confident and competent IT professional with commendable interpersonal skills.