Store In Static Guard Bags

Store In Static Guard Bags

Computer electronics use almost imperceptibly small wires, many of them on printed circuit boards. Because they’re so small, these wires are very susceptible to electric shocks—like the static electric shock you sometimes feel when you touch a metal doorknob in winter.

Even a tiny electric shock can damage one of these wires and ruin the entire electronic device. Happily, you can easily protect against most static electric shocks by storing your electronics in a special bag. The bag has wires traveling through it, making it into what electrical scientists call a Faraday cage. (Many science museums have a great demonstration of a human-sized Faraday cage where the demonstrator stands inside a cage which deflects bolts of lighting right in front of the audience.)

All store bought electronics that go inside your computer come inside these bags. I usually save them for when I need them, but you can also buy static-proof bags for cheap in any computer shops or outlets.

Written by Temitope Fagborun

A self-motivated, confident and competent IT professional with commendable interpersonal skills.